2NDDAY is Day Birger Mikkelsen's younger contemporary line. 
Offering affordable, studio-based collections. This Danish brand is best described as effortlessly feminine, urban design with a raw elegance to it.

2NDDAY strongly believes in the importance of taking care of ourselves and the environment. Alone, we cannot change the world, but together we can make a difference if we THINKTWICE. 

Ivy Copenhagen

Ivy was founded in 2016 by creative director Henriëtte Pieszak. 
A fashion-forward denim brand, using high quality materials and European production. With a focus on the perfect fit, Ivy offers premium denim qualities with stretch. Bringing the most comfortable en long lasting jeans you'll find, whilst keeping the rigid denim appearance. 

Besides, Ivy offers a tailored line with different fits and a wide range of both NOS as seasonal colors. 


Markberg is the title of a real-life love story. The love of creating, of making a difference and the love for each other.
A sustainable accessory brand offering premium quality 'Zero-Waste'-leather and recycled bags, gloves and accessories at competitive prices. Clean, Scandinavian design, hand-crafted details and well-thought-out functional details.

Lounge Nine

LOUNGE NINE is a gender free fashion brand with an eye for detail, custom-made fitting and a season fluid approach. The timeless and minimalistic collection taps into a reality where consumers don't want to be pigeonholed. They want to be their true selves.

Lounge Nine brings unique styles that are exclusive, yet affordable - effortless, yet fashion-stating. Custom-made fitting makes it possible for everyone to wear this gender free brand. 

Besides, Lounge Nine offers a more sustainable and season fluid take on today's fashion. Four drops which fit all seasons. The prints, cuts and colors are more long-lasting, and the materials responsible and durable.


Résumé is located in the heart of Copenhagen, founded by two sisters - common genes but two different personalities which is reflecting into the collections. 

Résumé is all about colorful and playful collections. Each piece is designed with an edge and a whole lot of personality. 
6 on-trend collections a year.


Moonboon kids & baby studio

At Moonboon they know how important sleep is - for babies, children and adults. That's why they've developed Moonboon - the extra little helper that gives your baby peace during naps and more energy for mom's and dad's. 

Moonboon produces baby accessories made out of fine organic materials that are GOTS-certified. The Moonboon designs are inspired by the moon, nighttime, deep sleep, sweet dreams, and adventures.