2NDDAY is Day Birger Mikkelsen's younger contemporary line based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The brand is a local hero with a global approach. Offering affordable, studio-based collections. 
This Danish brand is best described as effortlessly feminine, urban design with a raw elegance to it.

2NDDAY strongly believes in the importance of taking care of ourselves and the environment. Alone, we cannot change the world, but together we can make a difference if we THINKTWICE. 

ARKK Copenhagen

ARKK Copenhagen is a Scandinavian lifestyle sneaker brand where timeless elegance meets cutting-edge design. 
Presenting a must-have range of sneakers that deserve a place in every wardrobe. Versatile styles that effortlessly complements every outfit, ranging from formal to relaxed, making them a staple for all individuals.

The team is continuously dedicated to developing and improving designs, ensuring that every step you take in our sneakers is a step towards exceptional comfort, style and performance.


Bandhu was founded in 2011 by Dutch designer Viona van Dijk.
Her dream was to create affordable design pieces with a high-quality standard. As a designer Viona stands for connection, craftmanship and slow fashion.
The collection consists out of timeless, modern and minimalistic statement pieces.

14K karat gold-plated items all made in the most sustainable way by using modern day vacuum plating. 
Bandhu jewelry has the highest anti allergic characteristic possible and a very strong coating which is made to last. 

Brixtol Textiles

Brixtol Textiles is a swedish outerwear brand that was started in 2011 by friends Gustav Kjellander and Emil Holmström. Inspired by English workwear and sub-cultures, the friends wanted to break with fashion convention and make sustainable garments with longevity and a long lifespan. By combining durable materials with timeless, urban design.

Brixtol is a combination of the south district of London and the city of Bristol. Brixton, an area where bands, such as The Clash had their roots,
and the city of Bristol, the true home of the 1960's mods.

Brixtol specializes in the making of outerwear and is constantly exploring new and interesting materials, everything from waxed & organic cotton, nylons to European (recycled) wools and recycled fabrics.


As a 100% Belgian label, CKS creates clothes for women that boost your self-confidence. A unique mix and match of bold colors, unique prints and surprising fabrics with an eye for quality. Feminine, accessible and always stylish. All prints are unique and in-house designed.

Ellastiek Amsterdam

In July 2017, Dutchie Ella Timmers sewed the first scrunchie on her pink sewing machine in her student room. After selling over 50,000 srunchies, Ella knew she wanted to bring more colorful designs into the world to make people happy and confident. The brand has grown from scrunchies to clothing and aspires to keep on making statement products in the future.

Ellastiek is an inclusive and responsible brand that creates fashion with unique and colourful patterns, having the WOW-feeling. 
Ellastiek creates a new path in the industry that goes beyond just creativity. They are highly focused on product and process innovations and optimizations, to save time and spread more happiness and creating a positive impact on people and the planet.

Ivy Copenhagen

Ivy was founded in 2016 by creative director Henriëtte Pieszak. 
A fashion-forward denim brand, using high quality materials and European production. With a focus on the perfect fit, Ivy offers premium denim qualities with stretch. Bringing the most comfortable en long lasting jeans you'll find, whilst keeping the rigid denim appearance. 

Besides, Ivy offers a tailored line with different fits and a wide range of both NOS as seasonal colors. 


Markberg is the title of a real-life love story. The love of creating, of making a difference and the love for each other.
A sustainable accessory brand offering premium quality 'Zero-Waste'-leather and recycled bags, gloves and accessories at competitive prices. Clean, Scandinavian design, hand-crafted details and well-thought-out functional details.

Six Ámes

Six Ámes means ‘six souls’ in French and reflects a blend of French elegance and femininity with Scandinavian minimalism and craftsmanship. 

Copenhagen based and founded in 2014. Known for using high-quality materials, all offered at affordable prices.
The fabrics are equally luxurious, ranging from soft wool, boucle, and cashmere blends to raccoon and jersey, while crisp textures such as cotton poplin give a fresh feel.

Qualities; soft & fluffy raccoon hair, silk cotton, viscose jersey and superfine merino wool with a velvety-smooth texture and feather-light feeling.